High Value Homes

What is High Value Home Insurance?

High Value Home Insurance is for homes with a replacement value over $1,000,000.  These policies are specialized to include coverage’s and limits that are not offered on regular Home Insurance Policies.  These policies often cost slightly more than standard Home Insurance policies but come with more value added services such as home appraisals, high end claims service and restoration companies, cash payout options, and more.

What does High Value Home Insurance cover that is not covered under normal Home Insurance?

High Value Home Insurance can include coverage for Kidnap and Ransom, Equipment Breakdown, Cash Settlement options, Wine Collection coverage, Art Collection Coverage and Jewellery and Furs Coverage.  You will also benefit from Excess Liability policies covering your vehicles including auto’s and boats, and excess liability for other insured properties like seasonal homes.

Why choose ac&d for my High Value Home Insurance?

As with all of our products, ac&d Insurance has a wide variety of Insurance Companies that offer coverage tailored to high value homes including:

  • Chubb
  • AIG
  • Guarantee Company
  • Aviva Dolce Vita
  • Aviva Ovation
  • Dominion Crest
  • InsureBC
  • CNS Platinum

Our High Value Home Insurance experts deal almost exclusively with High Value Clients.  Please Contact Us for a no obligation quote or review your existing insurance or Request a Quote.