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What is Off-Road Vehicle Insurance?

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance covers Third Party Liability primarily, but the owner/operator may also want to purchase own damage insurance as well. This is pleasure use only on Forest Service Roads or any other roads not belonging to part of the public highway system. If you purchase at least the minimum of $200,000 in third party liability, this will provide the insured for Medical Benefits which will give them access to funds to pay for medical costs and lost wages should they injure themselves while driving their own off road vehicle. If the vehicles will be used to cross or temporarily drive on the public road system, they will require a temporary operators permit or a restricted plate purchased through an ICBC Auto plan Broker.

For motorcycles/dirt bikes exceeding 110cc, the driver must be 16 years of age and must hold a valid B.C. driver’s license. Coverage extends to passengers when insurance is in force. For motorcycles/dirt bikes under 110cc, the driver must be 16 years of age but does not have to hold a valid driver’s license, although, coverage does not extend to an operator whose driver’s license has been cancelled, and coverage does not extend to passengers when the off road vehicle is operated by a person without a valid driver’s license. Helmets are mandatory for all ATVs and motorcycle use.

Snowmobiles are also covered by this insurance. Operators must also be 16 years of age or older and do not have to hold a valid driver’s license for off-highway use. Again, if it is being used on a public highway, the driver must be 16 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license, have an operating permit from the police and a restricted plate purchased from ICBC. Snowmobiles are limited to $1000 deductible for Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

What does Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Cover?

Off Road-Vehicle Coverage protects you and your vehicle against accidents, theft, vandalism and personal liability depending on what you chose to purchase. All policies require that a minimum of $200,000 Third Party Liability be purchased regardless of the company you chose to purchase it from (Beacon Insurance, Insure BC, ICBC, etc). Based on the actual cash value of the vehicle will determine if you wish to cover it for collision, comprehensive, or specified perils. However, your Off Road Vehicle insurance will not cover you against normal wear and tear, deterioration, or problems with mold or rot.

Under most policies, the trailer that carries your vessel must also be insured against third party liability and
you may purchase optional coverages as well,through private insurance, such as:

  • Coverage for your riding gear
  • Additional Coverage for your trailer

The annual insurance premium will be determined based on the type of Off Road Vehicle, its value, and where you use it.

Why should I get my Off-Road Vehicle Coverage with ac&d Insurance?

Whether you currently own a dirt bike, ATV, or Snowmobile, or are a prospective buyer, an ac&d Insurance Agent can help you find the right Off-Road Vehicle Insurance policy at the right price.  ac&d represents ICBC as well as over 6 other private insurance companies and we will do our utmost to insure that we meet your needs balancing protection with value.  Call us today or Request a Quote.

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