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What is the AC&D Snow Removal Insurance Program?

AC&D's Snow Removal Insurance provides coverage specific to the risks faced by Snow Removal Contractors at the best prices possible. AC&D Insurance represents over 50 insurance companies, including direct contract's with Lloyd's of London that offer coverage packages specific to snow removal industry.

Finding the right insurance for Snow Removal operations requires the assistance of a broker with knowledge and experience in the your industry.
At AC&D Insurance we partner each business with a professional broker that has experience insuring contractors of all sizes.


How do I get a quote for Snow Removal Insurance?

To obtain a Contractor Insurance request a quote or contact us.

Snow Removal Commercial General Liability

Snow Removal General Liability – Primary Coverage Considerations

  • Litigation can have a serious financial impact to your business operations, not to mention that it could hurt your reputation. AC&D's coverage for a snow removal contractor can help to defend your business against claims and, if you are found legally responsible, can pay for losses your business incurs for injuries sustained by others or damage to property owned by others.
  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability: Covers those sums that the Insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury or property damage to property of others.
  • Broad Form Completed Operations: The Broad Form Completed Operations Endorsement narrows the exclusion of the CGL to exclude only that part of the insured’s work that is defective. Without this extension all of an insured’s work is excluded from coverage by the CGL . With this extension, resultant damage to the rest of the insured’s work that is not defective will be covered by the CGL.

General Contractor Property Insurance – Primary Coverage Considerations

  • Equipment Floater: Covers contractor’s equipment anywhere in North America – at a storage location, in transit, at a job site, etc. Excludes marine exposures other than on a passenger & vehicle ferry service. Each item can be scheduled and insured for a value specified or insured on a blanket basis with a maximum limit per item and a maximum limit for all items.
  • Equipment rented or leased from others: Covers equipment rented, leased, or borrowed from others on a short-term basis. Typically this coverage is added on a blanket basis with a maximum limit per item and a maximum limit for all items rented, leased, or borrowed.
  • Tool Floater: Covers tools at any location, whether at the insureds premises, inside a vehicle, or at a job site. Often this coverage has a maximum value for any one tool, such as $500 – $1000 and tools of a higher value need to be scheduled.

Why should I choose AC&D for my Snow Removal Contractor Insurance needs?

AC&D has the history and track record insuring snow removal contractors of all sizes. Our experience and market strength ensures we can get you the best policy for the best price.

How much does Snow Removal Contractor Insurance cost?

The cost of contractor Insurance differs based on the scope of your operation and limits of coverage selected. A basic liability policy for a sub-contractor can start as low as $3000. Contact Us today to arrange a no-obligation review of your Contractor Insurance needs from one of our expert brokers or Request a Quote.

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