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What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s Risk Insurance, also commonly referred to as course of construction insurance or COC, is a project specific coverage intended to cover the value of labour and materials at a project site during the stages of construction. A commercial course of construction insurance policy is required for high-value single family homes, multi-family residences, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and homes built on speculation by a contractor or developer. If you are building a home that will be occupied by you as a primary residence, please refer to our section on homeowner’s course of construction.
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At AC&D Insurance we have access to many insurance companies that provide us with preferred rates and coverage plans not available to all insurance brokers. This coverage can be purchased for each individual or can be purchased by builder’s on a blanket reporting basis. Costs can vary depending on a variety of factors and we will work with you to find the right solution.

What does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover?

The main components of standard Builder’s Risk Insurance policies are:

  • Property On Site
  • Materials On Site
  • Materials In Transit
  • Site Specific Liability

Additional Consideration’s Include:

  • Wrap-Up Liability
  • Soft-Costs such as Architectural, Engineering, Financing, Legal Fees, and other Pre and Post-Construction Expenses
  • Delay In Start-Up

Why Should I Choose AC&D Insurance for my Builder’s Risk Insurance?

At AC&D Insurance, we have experience insuring all types of projects, large and small. One of our experienced insurance brokers will assist you in finding the right coverage at the best price and help you undersrand the warranties and conditions of a Builder’s Risk Insurance policy to ensure you are always covered. Due to our experience and speciality in this area we have access to special programs and insurance companies not available through other brokers

Contact our North Vancouver, Squamish, or Quesnel offices or request a quote online for a no obligation review of your Builder’s Risk Insurance needs.

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Labour + Materials
You only need to insure soft cost you will incur again if there is a loss. These may include design professional fees, permits fees, inspection fees, financing costs (including loan interest), insurance, marketing costs, legal and accounting fees, costs for project administration personnel, taxes.
Higher deductibles typically mean slightly lower rates.
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