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What is Short Term Rental Insurance?

Short Term Rental Insurance is for landlords or homeowners renting a house or condominium to a third party for a term that is not defined by a lease or month-to month contract. These occupancies include vacation rentals, airbnb rentals, and house-swap or exchange. This type of policy provides insurance coverage for items such as building, landlord’s contents, rental income, landlord’s liability, and more!

What does AC&D’s Short Term Rental Insurance Program cover?

AC&D’s Short-Term Rental Program includes the following options:

  • Water Damage, Sewer back-up, and Earthquake options may be available
  • Loss of Rental Income Coverage
  • Vandalism & theft during rental period available at an additional cost
  • Strata Building Deductible Loss Assessment up to $100,000 (higher limits available separately).

We offer Short Term Rental Insurance for:

  • Stand-alone rentals
  • Condo and secondary or seasonal homes are eligible
  • Property owners who rent out part or all of their home
  • 100% short-term rental occupancy
  • Airbnb and HomeAway hosts qualify


Why choose AC&D for my Short-Term Rental Property Insurance?

Many brokers and insurance companies treat short-term rental properties as high-risk or undesirable. At AC&D we have experience insuring these types of properties for over 40 years and have developed a program that recognises quality property management and ownership.

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These are the built-in features to your individual condo unit that have been added or upgraded by you or previous owners. The value of the Improvements & Betterments is based on the cost of the improvement or alterations beyond the original unit finishing
Have you had anyl personal insurance losses or claims within the past 5 years (excluding vehicle accidents; including vehicle break-ins) whether covered by insurance or not.:

Building Sprinklered:
Do you have a mortgage/secured line of credit on the property:
Was your prior policy cancelled for non payment:
Have you ever been cancelled, declined, or refused personal insurance:
Who is responsible for managing the rentals:

Type of rental (check all that apply):

Please indicate which, if any of the following are obtained for each rental:

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Any recreational activities / facilities /equipment provided for guests:

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Solid Fuel Burning Stoves or Fireplace Inserts in the home:

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Basement Type:

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A reverse slope driveway is one that leads downward from a public street to a parking area, such as a below-grade garage.
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Does the applicant own any other rental properties:

Is the dwelling for sale:

Is the dwelling for vacant:

Do you take an active role in maintenance and upkeep of dwelling:

Do you use a Property Management Company:

How often do you, or your property manager, inspect the exterior of the dwelling:

How often do you, or your property manager, inspect the interior of the dwelling:

Aside from rentals, are any other business activities conducted from the unit/dwelling:

Do your tenant operate a business from the premises?
Have additional rental units been added to the structure:

Does the applicant take steps to prevent illegal operations on premise (e.g. marijuana cultivation), such as performing regular interior inspections, checking for unoccupancy, blacked out windows, or asking neighbours to watch premise?:

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