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Tech Insurance offered by ac&d Insurance to all Information Technology Companies in British Columbia, Canada. The widest range of coverage options throughout BC allows us to provide you with coverage based on your business’ needs. A regular Insurance policy that is not tailored to your industry has gaps in coverage that can leave your company open to risk. This is easily avoided with our comprehensive IT Company Insurance and Media Insurance packages. Your clients trust you to know more about technology than they do, you can trust us to know more about IT Insurance and Media Insurance than you do!

Tech Insurance Packages

Tech Insurance packages are custom made for Technology Industries such as:

  • IT Consultants
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Software Companies – Sales, Training, Consulting, Data Processing, Integration, Design and Analysis
  • Pre-packeaged and Custom Software Developers
  • Computer Hardware – Wholesale, Sales, Distribution, and Manufacturing
  • Computer Components and Equipment – Wholesale, Sales, Distribution, and Manufacturing
  • Web Hosting
  • Network Development
  • Game Developers
  • Web Developers or Designers


Media Insurance Packages

Media Insurance Packages are custom made for Media Industries such as:

  • Broadcast Companies – Internet, TV, Radio, and Film
  • Content Authors – Authors, Journalists, Production Companies, Copywriters, and Editorial Service Companies
  • Publishing Companies – Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Books, Web and Mobile
  • Media Professional Companies – Marketing Consultants, Public Relation Firms, Advertising Agencies, Post Production Companies, Literary Agents, Graphic Design Firms

We provide specialized Tech Company, Media, and Cyber Insurance packages through a variety of Insurers including:

  • CFC Underwriting Ltd.
  • Coalition, Inc.
  • Travelers Canada
  • Berkley Insurance
  • CNA Insurance
  • Premier Canada
  • Beazley
  • Chubb Insurance

We have direct access to CFC which allows us to provide better rates than most other Insurance Brokers.

Contact Us to speak with one of our Tech Savvy Insurance agents to discuss a risk management strategy for your technology business or Request a Quote.

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