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What is Commercial Office Insurance?

Commercial Office Insurance is a package designed to to provide business office occupancies with a basic affordable insurance package to protect against the various legal risks their businesses are exposed to as a result of their ongoing operations.

I have been told I need a C.G.L. What is a C.G.L?

C.G.L is an acronym for Commercial General Liability insurance. This is the primary coverage provided by the Commercial Office Package. Coverage is also available for business property and business interruption, if required.

What does Commercial General Liability Policy cover?

Commercial General Liability covers a business for legal expenses and settlement cost for various types of damages that may result from their operations. The C.G.L is typically comprised of 4 key coverages.  

  • Coverage A – Bodily Injury and Property Damage (typically covering your Premise, Products or Completed Operations)
  • Coverage B – Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Liability
  • Coverage C – Medical Payments
  • Coverage D – Tenants Legal Liability

How much does Commercial Office Insurance Cost?

  • Premiums for this package start at $400 depending on the limit(s) of liability insurance.

Why should I use AC&D for my Commercial Office Insurance?

With over 60 years’ experience assisting business owners with their insurance needs, AC&D has developed long-standing relationships with our Insurers and have experience working with every type of business. Our focus on long-standing relationships has played a key role in expanding our staff while at the same time remaining loyal to our community values. This combination gives us the same markets as a multi-national brokerage while maintaining the higher level of personal service expected from a smaller, regional broker. Contact Us for a no obligation review of your insurance needs.

Business Insurance is an essential component of every business' disaster and risk mitigation planning.

Finding the right insurance policy requires the assistance of a broker with knowledge and experience in your industry. At AC&D Insurance we partner each business with a professional broker that has experience insuring businesses in their specific industry.

The limits and types of insurance required for each type of business is different and we will work with you to find the right solution.


Complete as much of this form as you like. If you would prefer to have an application sent by email or speak with a qualified broker over the phone, please complete the type of business & contact information sections only and click submit at the bottom of the form.

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Limits start at $1,000,000. Many contracts now specify a minimum limit of $5,000,000.
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Are the premises or office building occupied by the Applicant solely as offices (or office/retail or office/residential mixed use development) or as part of a private dwelling (home based business)?:

Has the Applicant ever been refused insurance coverage?:

Is the Applicant aware of any act, error, omission or circumstances which could give rise to a claim against the Applicant or any business predecessors, or any of the present or former partners and/or officers?:

To the knowledge of any Partner, Executive Officers, Director or Employee, has any company declined or terminated the insurance for the Applicant, any business predecessors, or any of the present or former partners and/or officers?:

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