Condo Insurance

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo Insurance is for condominium unit owners or those who have stratified their duplex and require contents coverage. Condo Insurance is meant to cover gaps in your existing strata insurance and is typically fairly inexpensive.

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Your strata insurance is responsible for rebuilding your condo building exactly how it was originally built.  This leaves a gap in any improvements and betterment’s you or a previous owner has made to your unit such as installing hardwood floors or granite counter tops. Strata Insurance also does not cover your personal property, or your worldwide liability. Condo Insurance can also cover additional living expenses if you were to be forced out of your unit due to a covered loss.  More importantly Condo Insurance can cover loss assessments, or the assessment of a strata deductible.  Some companies limit this coverage so it is best to know your strata deductible before obtaining insurance.

Why choose ac&d for my Condo Insurance?

Not all Condo Insurance is equal.  Some Insurance Companies limit strata deductible coverage or have lesser limits for loss assessment that can make a huge difference in a loss scenario.  ac&d understands the Condo Insurance market and we offer coverage through over 15 Insurance Companies.  If your broker is doing an inadequate job meeting your Condo Insurance needs, we would be happy to provide a free no obligation quote or review of your current Insurance.  For more information please Contact Us or Request a Quote.