Car Insurance

Your options for car insurance in BC are not as limited as you think!

ICBC autoplan insurance

Basic ICBC insurance is government mandated for all vehicles in British Columbia.  While having your optional insurance with ICBC is often more convenient when dealing with a claim, there are potential savings available if you have your optional coverages with a private insurance company.

Private car insurance

While there aren’t an abundance of private optional auto insurers in British Columbia, you still have some options from companies like Intact, Family Insurance, and RSA/CNS.  Drivers with good history will often save money with a private insurance company.  Private insurers are often able to offer a lower premium for out of province drivers who can benefit from the acceptance of additional claims history beyond the maximum 8 years provided by ICBC. Private Insurance Companies often provide additional coverages that are not available with ICBC Autoplan Insurance.

Replacement cost insurance

Replacement cost insurance pays for the difference between the settlement you receive from ICBC and the cost to purchase a new vehicle.  This difference is often in the thousands.  If you finance or lease your vehicle, you could be stuck with the bill!  We offer replacement cost coverage including OEM parts on new cars, and limited depreciation coverage on used cars up to 12 years old.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

If you would like to discuss whether any of our alternative car insurance options are right for you, or you are interested in having your car insurance delivered, please contact us.