Vacation Trailer Insurance

At ac&d, we offer Vacation Trailer Insurance through ICBC Autoplan and other private insurer’s.

What is a Vacation Trailer?

A vacation trailer is any living accommodation that is towed behind or on another vehicle such as Tent Trailer’s, 5th Wheel’s, Travel Trailer’s and Truck Campers.

What options do I have for insuring My Vacation Trailer?

You can insure all Vacation Trailers through ICBC autoplan and private insurers.  Insuring a truck camper is a bit more complicated than the others as we would need to insure it as an unlicensed vehicle.  If you permanently park your Vacation Trailer and or live in it year round, you should inform your broker of this as it will need to be noted on any applications.

ICBC Autoplan for Vacation Trailer’s:

All Vacation Trailers must obtain basic insurance through ICBC Autoplan.  You can also insure your optional coverage’s through ICBC which include Collision Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage.

Private options for Vacation Trailer Insurance:

At ac&d Insurance we have a variety of Private Insurance companies that insure Vacation trailer’s.  Benefits of private insurance can include:

  • Lower Premiums
  • Lower Deductible Options
  • Higher Coverage limits for Contents and other Coverages

We would be happy to provide you with a quote on ICBC insurance or Private Insurance for your Vacation Trailer.  Please call us or Request a Quote.

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