Private Auto Insurance

What is Private Auto Insurance?

Although all drivers in British Columbia must obtain ICBC Autoplan Basic Insurance, you still have a choice as to which company insures your optional coverages such as Collision and Comprehensive Insurance.  ac&d Insurance offers private insurance for your personal car, truck or motor home through Family Insurance and Intact Insurance.

Benefits of choosing a private optional auto insurance carrier are:

  • Lower Premiums
  • Lower Deductible Options
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance Coverage
  • First Accident Forgiveness
  • Higher discounts for Out of Province Drivers with more than 8 years of claims free history
  • Storage Insurance
  • Assistance from your Broker During the Claims Process

How do I make a claim with private auto insurance?

When you have private optional insurance and have a claim, who you report the claim to depends on the type of claim you are making.

When do I make a claim with ICBC?

ICBC is the insurer of your first $200,000 of third party liability (or more with Intact Insurance as they do not offer thrid party liability coverage) any time that coverage may need to be used, such as an at fault accident, you would submit your claim to ICBC.  You would also submit this claim to your private insurance company, so they are aware of it, or in case the third party damage exceeds $200,000.

If an accident is not your fault, you would report the claim to ICBC as they will be responsible for paying your damages.

When would I make a claim to my private insurance company only?

When your claim is either a single vehicle accident collision claim or a comprehensive claim, there is no need to inform ICBC of this claim.  You can call us for help submitting your claim unlike with ICBC where we are unable to get involved in the claims process.

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