Vacant Building Insurance

What is Vacant Building Insurance?

A building is considered vacant by insurers when the occupant of the property, such as a tenant or owner, leaves without any intention of returning. For example, if the tenant occupying a rental building or strata unit were to leave and the landlord did not have another tenant occupying the premise immediately, the property would be considered vacant.
Vacant Building Insurance
All coverage on a commercial policy ceases for Property at locations which to the knowledge of the Insured, are vacant, unoccupied or shut down for more than thirty (30) consecutive days.

When a property is no longer occupied it becomes a higher risk for insurers. In these scenarios your insurance company may be unwilling to continue coverage. A Vacant Building Insurance policy is specifically designed to cover properties while they are vacant.

What does Vacant Building Insurance Cover?

The main components of a Vacant Building Insurance policy are:

  • Building, if applicable;
  • Equipment
  • Loss of Income
  • Premises Liability

Why should I choose AC&D for my Vacancy insurance?

AC&D represents over 20 standard market insurance companies, has access to over 50 specialty insurance companies and has coverholder agreements with Lloyd’s. This means we can provide better coverage and rates for your property during a vacancy period. We take the time to thoroughly review each situation to evaluate the condition and security of a vacant property. We use our knowledge and experience insuring vacant properties to ensure you get the coverage to suit your needs at the best price.
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