Vacant House Insurance

What is Vacant House Insurance?

When a house is no longer occupied it becomes a higher risk for insurance companies.  If the house currently has insurance, your Insurance Company MUST be notified if your home, condo or rental property is vacant or will become vacant. Your current insurer will typically agree to add a vacancy permit for a short period of time. If the vacancy lasts longer than 3 months, or the existing policy is expiring, you may require a vacant house insurance policy.

Many Insurance Brokers automatically deem these types of properties as high risk and charge a significantly higher premium. At AC&D Insurance we assess each property individually and charge a fair rate.

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Vacant House Insurance

Even if the insurance company has granted permission for vacancy, coverage ceases immediately if loss or damage is caused by:

  • Vandalism, Malicious Acts;
  • Breakage of Glass;
  • Escape of water from a sewer,sump, septic tank, eaves-trough or down-spout;
  • Freezing of a plumbing, heating, sprinkler or air conditioning system, household appliance; or
  • Escape of water from such system or appliance, caused by or resulting from freezing.

If your home becomes vacant you should immediately shut off the water main and drain all appliances to mitigate the potential for uncovered water losses.

It is important to note that all coverage provided by your policy ceases after 30 consecutive days of vacancy unless the insurer has granted permission for vacancy beyond 30 days. There is typically an additional fee associated with permission for vacancy granted by an insurance company.

What does Vacant House Insurance cover?

Vacant Home Insurance coverage differs depending on the condition of the property and security measures taken by the insured. There are often restrictions on how often the home must be visited and how the property must be maintained & secured.

Why choose ac&d for my Vacant House Insurance?

ac&d has access to over 20 standard market insurance companies, access to over 50 specialty insurance markets, and coverholder agreements with several insurance companies.  This allows us to make common sense underwriting decisions and find coverage for any vacant property. We recognize qualified owners and are experienced with these circumstances. AC&D has expert knowledge in insuring Vacant Property. Contact us for a free no obligation quote or review of your insurance.  You can also Request a Quote.