Rental Property Insurance

What is Rental Property Insurance?

Rental Property Insurance is for landlords renting a house or condominium to a third party. Renting your property can be an excellent source of income, however, it is important that you protect that income by ensuring you have an insurance policy specifically designed to cover rental properties.

While some homeowners policies can provide coverage for renting out a portion of your property, they will usually do so only if the owner also occupies a portion of the property. Should you rent out the entire property, insurers will require a rented property policy. A rental property policy has many coverages that are the same as a standard homeowners policies but also have coverages specifically designed to cover rental exposures.

What does Rental Property Insurance cover?

Rental Insurance can cover different things depending on whether the property is a Detached House or Strata-Condo.
Basic coverages include:

  • Buildings
  • Landlord Property (contents)
  • Rental Income
  • Landlord’s Liability

We offer packages designed specifically for:

Why choose ac&d for my Rented Property Insurance?

Most brokerages offer very limited coverage for rented properties. ac&d represents over 20 standard Insurance Companies and has access to coverages not available through other brokerages.  We have a specialized program for rented properties through our Lloyd’s coverholder agreements. Our belief that choice matters ensures your Rented Property Insurance can be tailored to your needs and budget. Contact Us for a no obligation quote or review of your existing Insurance or Request a Quote.