Insurance FAQ

Frequently asked insurance questions

What can I do to ensure I am insured correctly?

  • Notify your insurance broker immediately if your home is vacant or under renovation. This does not include when you are temporarily away.
  • You must notify us of any addition or alteration, which increases the replacement value of your home by more than $5,000.
  • Contents have some limitations for such items as jewellery, stamp & coin collections, and bicycles. Usually these items can be scheduled for increased coverage. Be sure you know the limitations on your policy.
  • Most policies have a limitation for theft from a vehicle. This limit is often $1,500 but can be as low as $1,000. It is best not to leave contents in your vehicle
  • If you plan on doing a house-swap for vacation purposes please make sure to notify us well in advance, as this requires special consideration from the insurer.
  • On most policies, many types of water damage are covered. However, continuous or repeated seepage or leakage is not covered. Rot and mould damage are not covered. Flood is also excluded.
  • Make sure to have your home’s drain tiles inspected and cleaned on a regular basis as a part of a routine maintenance plan. This is a common cause of water damage that can be avoided with regular maintenance.
  • Freezing is excluded if you have been away from your premises for more than 4 days unless you have had a competent person enter your home daily to ensure that the heating is being maintained or you have shut off the water supply and drained all the pipes and appliances.
  • Laptop computers should be scheduled separately, particularly if used for business purposes.
  • Does your home have any knob & tube or aluminum wiring – active or not? Insurers are cracking down on these potentially dangerous electrical hazards. Consideration should be given to replacing/removing any knob & tube or aluminum wiring.
  • Habitational policies are meant to cover normal dwelling occupancies. Please contact us if you have any situations that you would consider to be out of the ordinary.
  • If you are a Condominium Owner it is important to know the deductible that is applicable if damage to the building is attributed to you or your unit. Once you have this information please contact us to discuss your coverage in greater detail.