What is Technology Insurance?

Technology Insurance is a specialized product for Technology Industries such as:

  • Computer Hardware which includes Sales, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Software which includes Consulting, Integration, Analysis, Sales, and Training
  • Pre-packaged and Custom Software Developers
  • Computer Equipment or Components which include Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution

What does Technology Business Insurance Cover?

Technology Business Insurance can cover you for a variety of risks normally excluded from a regular insurance policy.  Technology Business Insurance can cover World Wide Liability with limits up to $10,000,000, Network Breach and Privacy Liability, and Technology E&O exposures such as delay in performance contract.

We can also cover property such as computers or components and even the office you conduct your business from.

Why do I need the services of a Technology Insurance Company?

A Technology Insurance Company has created specific packages for this industry that plug gaps normally found in a regular Business Insurance Policy.  Due to the restrictions of coverage found in normal Insurance Policies, coverage is very limited and must be addressed by a specific package.  We have the widest choice of Technology Insurance packages available in British Columbia, giving you more coverage options and competitive rates.

How much does Technology Liability Insurance and Technology E&O Insurance cost?

The cost for Technology Liability and Technology E&O Insurance depends on the size of your company and what type of operations your company conducts.  Packages can start as low as $500 for a small firm or someone working from a home office.  We would love to provide you with a firm quote, please contact us or Request a Quote.