What is Media Insurance?

Media Insurance is a specialized Insurance package for Media Companies including:

  • Web Designers
  • Content Authors
  • Broadcasters Including Internet, Radio, TV and Film
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Publishers Including Books, ebooks, Magazines, Newspapers, Web and Mobile
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Cosultants
  • Public Relations

What does Media Liability Insurance Cover?

Media Liability Insurance is specifically tailored to the risks a Media Company may face.  Media Liability Insurance covers such things as Defamation, Invasion of Privacy, Breach of Contract, and even Media Liability coverage for user generated content.  We are also able to add coverage for property such as computers and tools pertaining to your business as well as Media E&O Insurance Coverage.

Why do I require Media Insurance Coverage?

Because the industry is so new, Insurance Companies have had little time to catch up and determine what types of obstacles a regular Insurance policy can and cannot overcome.  The Insurance Industry has come up with an answer to gaps found in regular Insurance Policies for Media Companies and has answered with tailored packages for Media Insurance.  Often times the burden of a lawsuit can be the end of a new, blossoming, or thriving Media Company, Media Insurance Coverage can be the life boat you need to continue a successful business.

What about Social Media Insurance?

Social Media is the new craze, everything and everyone nowadays is on Facebook or Twitter.  With this new brand of communication Social Media companies now need a new brand of Insurance.  Enter Social Media Insurance.  As with other types of Technology Insurance, our Industry has found gaps in coverage that would be better addressed with specialty packages.  If you run a Social Media Company, then you most certainly need Social Media Insurance.

How much does Media Insurance Cost?

Media Insurance like all insurance differs in price depending on the types of operations and annual revenues of your Business.  Media Insurance packages start at $300 for small firms or those working from a home office.  ac&d Insurance has access to the most markets in British Columbia, ensuring we can find the coverage that suits you at the right price. Contact Us today for a free no obligation quote on your Media Insurance or Request a Quote.