Fleet Insurance and Garage Insurance

What is Fleet & Garage Insurance?

Fleet Insurance insurance is automobile insurance that insures groups of at least five vehicles that are under common ownership or management and that are used for business, commercial or public purposes. There are two sections applicable to Garage Insurance. The first is standard garage considerations such as liability for damage to customers’ vehicles while they are at your premises and/or in your custody and control. The second policy type covers damage or loss caused by your work – a car is in an accident because brakes weren’t adjusted or installed properly or an engines seizes because an oil plug wasn’t reinstalled properly after servicing.

AC&D Insurance offers Commercial Auto Services Such as Fleet Insurance, Garage Insurance, Non-Owned Auto Policies, Heavy Vehicle and Trailer Insurance, Repair Plates and Dealer Plates through ICBC’s Autoplan Insurance.

Fleet Insurance:

Available for all customers with more than 5 eligible fleet vehicles (what vehicles are eligible for fleet Insurance?)

Fleet Insurance Benefits include:

  • Maximum discounts of up to 63% ( Maximum discount for non-fleet vehicles is 43%)
  • Insurance Premium Financing is available to Fleet Insurance customers, simplifying finances into one account
  • All insured Fleet Vehicles expire on the same date, making autoplan renewal an easy task
  • Add new fleet vehicles at any time, keeping the expiry date of your autoplan insurance in line with the rest of your Fleet vehicles.
  • No principal operator declaration

Want to come prepared?  Fill out and Print ICBC’s Fleet Insurance Application before you come visit ac&d Insurance

Garage Insurance Policies:

If your Business is  involved in repairing or servicing vehicles, storing and or selling vehicles, towing vehicles or operating a parking lot, you should consider purchasing a Garage Insurance Policy.  This important policy offers coverage for your business’ vehicles, Customer’s Vehicles, and even dealer inventory.  For more information on how Garage Premiums are calculated visit ICBC’s Garage Insurance page: http://icbc.com/autoplan/commercial/garage

Want to come prepared? Fill out and Print ICBC’s Garage Insurance Application before you visit us.

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